Book Club: Schedule and Viewing

Thank you for being patient with me for posting the reading schedule. I just got my book from the public library (which I have totally fallen in love with).

After looking at the book, I am wondering if everyone's book is broken down the same way. Mine has 3 volumes (sections)-- Volume 1 (ch1-23), Volume 2 (ch1-19), Volume 3 (ch1-19).

Is yours like that?

Here will be our schedule for reading and discussions*:
Every Monday we will do some sort of discussion--
Mon, March 7 - Volume 1 (ch 1-12)
Mon, March 14 - Volume 1 (ch 13 -23)
Mon, March 21 - Volume 2 (ch1-19)
Mon, March 28 - Final Discussion - Volume 3 (ch1-19)
*If your book is broken up differently, try to break it up by thirds to be about the same place. 

Now for my confession: I don't have a clue how to do a book club... especially for a fiction book. So if you have any ideas on how to run this, help a sister out and leave some recommendations in the comments. I just wanted to do a book club, never said I knew how to! ;)

And for the viewing party... WE ARE ON!
Sounds like a lot of you would want to do this, so consider it a date! Which day works best for you: Fri April 1, Sat April 2 or Sun April 3? Let me know in the comments.
It will be some where in Houston. We will make it a potluck thing! Oh it's going to be a blast!!