Book Club: September Book Revealed

Have you ever felt like you wanted your life to mean something? Like really mean something. But when you look at the ordinary-ness (made up word) of it, you think to yourself: unlikely.
Well let me introduce you to five, real life, unlikely and ordinary women who changed eternity:

Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers

Book description: The stories of the five unlikely women who changed eternity. Tamar, betrayed by the men who controlled her future, she fought for her right to believe in a loving God. Rahab, a woman with a past to whom God gave a future. Ruth, who gave up everything, expecting nothing, and God honored her. Bathsheba, whose beauty stirred the passion of a king, and whose pain moved the heart of God. Mary, who responded in simple obedience to God’s call.  Each was faced with extraordinary —even scandalous— challenges, each took great personal risk to fulfill her calling, and each was destined to play a key role in the lineage of Jesus Christ.

I couldn't wait another month to choose something by Francine Rivers. If you have never read anything by Francine Rivers, then just you get ready. If you have, then you already know it is going to be good. She is easily my favorite fiction author. Each book she has written has spoken to me exactly where I am. And as I thought about a book that would touch the lives of the readers of this blog, I knew this would have to be this month's pick.

Get ready to see these 5 women in a new way.
Get ready to see yourself in a whole new way.

You can buy it on Amazon here or order it for your Kindle here.

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