THE Sex Talk (Open Discussion)

Ladies (yes, Ladies only),

This is the blog discussion we have all been waiting so patiently for--

THE Sex Talk!

Here are some guidelines:

Who can participate?
Anyone. Even if you did not participate in the Book Club, you are welcome to discuss. I think all the Book Club ladies would love your input too!

What are the questions supposed to be about?
Anything related to Intimacy... anything is game here!
(Note: I don't anticipate this happening, but since this is my personal blog, I am going to reserve the right to delete any questions or comments that I feel like aren't appropriate. If you notice that your question or comment has been deleted and you would like to discuss this with me, you are welcome to email me.)

How to post a question:
All questions should be anonymous-- I just think this is the best way to do it.
So when you you leave your question, simply do the following: make up a name or put anonymous, put your real email (it will not show), do NOT put a website link.
*If for some reason you mess this up at all, email me right away and I will pull the comment. 

How to answer a question:
Reply to that question (there is a reply button under each question)-- that way the answers can stay with the question.
It is your call whether or not you want to make yourself anonymous when answering. If your response would in any way bring dishonor to your man, then post anonymous. When in doubt, post anonymous.

If this whole commenting thing confuses you but you really want to post a question:
Just email me by clicking HERE and I'll post whatever you send me (and I promise, it will be our little secret).

Ladies, I am SO EXCITED about this discussion! Can't wait to hear from you over the coming week!