Book Club: Updating Things...

To all Book Clubers, Previous Book Clubers and Future Book Cluberes, 

I'm making a few changes to how I do the Book Club on this blog and wanted to let you know.

Instead of posting every Monday, we are starting a new schedule:

1st of the Month: Roll Call
This is where we will all check in for the month. Whoever is going to commit to read the book will log in. I'll always have some get to know you questions.

15th of the Month: Announce Next Book &  Challenge for this Month's Book
I will still announce the next month's blog on the 15th to give you time to get it.
And then I will give you a challenge for this current month's book. Typically this will be something you can do on your blog and then post a link on my blog so everyone else in the Book Club and my other readers can see what you did. This has been something I've had recommended to me by several of you. So I want to provide ways for you to bring the Book Club to your blog.

28th of the Month: Book Club Discussion
Instead of doing 3 weeks of discussion, I'm going to lump it all into one giant discussion. If we see this doesn't work as well, I will spread it out again. But right now, I feel like the Book Club has over taken my blog. And while I love it and will not give it up, I blog less on other things because of it. So wanted to make some room. Plus this keeps all our discussions in one place and makes it easier to reference.

Also, as I've said from the beginning of this Book Club, I have literally no clue how something like this works well. So I have a question for you (now that we are 6 months into this Club):

What can we do to make this Book Club better?  
Are there things you'd like to see start? end? change? Any tips? Feel free to share any and everything!

It has been so much fun doing these books with y'all!
Love you. Mean it.


P.S. For those of you that are doing this month's Book Club (The Help), we will start this schedule immediately.