Book Club: Viewing Party RSVP

You (anyone who follows the Book Club posts) are cordially invited to

the viewing party for
Pride & Prejudice

on the second of april
in the year of two thousand and eleven
at six o'clock in the evening
at the kiser residence

So that will be the ONLY formal thing for this party! :)

In case you didn't get that-- Apr 2 at 6pm at my house.

Since it is at my house, I don't feel comfortable posting my address on the world wide web. So I am going to set up an Evite.

If you are interested in coming to the viewing party, go to the comments and put the following: 
1. Name & email address
2. Say something about how you have been related to Book Club (i.e. been reading the books and commenting, been reading the book and comment stalking, not reading but been following all y'alls posts and comments, etc.... this is my way to weed out any weird stalkers, does that make sense?)
3. Vote on if we should do a Pot Luck or order Chinese Take Out.

Since it is at my house, my hubby and baby will be here (but will stay in the back). So if you need to bring your baby with you, I totally understand and you can set up a pack-n-play in our room (just indicate that on the Evite).

Oh and you have to dress in a costume.
I'm totally kidding. But if you do, then I will do something special. And I will spend most to the night laughing with you. And we will probably become best friends. 

Love y'all! SO excited about this!!