[Book Club] Weekend Challenge

I am in awe of how the Lord is using this book to radically change so many of our marriages. Who would have thought?!
Turns out it wasn't our marriages that needed changing, it was us.

So thankful for the honesty of these authors.
Even more thankful for the honesty of each of you in the comments.

A Weekend Challenge for you:

1. Try to get through Part 1 by Monday (that's chapters 1-7).
I promise once you get into the chapters, it's hard to put the book down. Not only is it good info, but the chapters are short and super readable. And Part 2 & 3 are labeled "Smoldering" and "Sizzling Hot"... so we want to get to those quick for some REALLY good discussion!! Haha!

2. Try something new. I'll let you define that. But try something new that would go along with what you have learned from the book. Chris hates when I say, "I'll let you define that" or "whatever that means to you." So if you are one of those people that need some ideas, ask for suggestions in the comments.

Tip: This will help with both of the weekend challenges--
choose to give something up that distracts you from accomplishing the challenges. Some examples: TV, Facebook, Twitter, blogs (except this one of course... wink!), negative self talk, cell phone, etc.

Let's have more discussion (because this is our favorite part):
*Remember to post anonymously if this is personal. We have defined personal in two ways: 1. something that would embarrass you or your spouse. 2. It would cause us to be able to imagine you in bed with your spouse.

Answer any or all of the questions--
1. What do you think your something new will be (from challenge)?
2. In what ways have you been encouraged?
3. In what ways have you been convicted?
4. Has your spouse noticed any changes?
5. Any other thoughts?

Be sure to show each other some love and "reply" to other's comments. This is when the Book Club becomes a club-- when we really start to interact with one another.

Love you ladies! So thankful to be walking through this book with you. This is SO much better than reading it alone. You have no idea how your comments have encouraged and challenged me. And I know you have each been encouraged and challenged by each other's comments as well. See you in the comments...