Book Reviews Go Here

As I said yesterday (here), we are going to take the fall and do some book reviews. All of us!

So if you like reading and already read, this is for you.

If you don't read, but like the idea of reading, this can be a great place to help you get started. Reading is just like exercising, you got to start some where. Find a book that interests you and commit to reading a certain amount each week.

Who can participate? Anyone. Even you guys that read this blog are welcome to post! I know I exclude you from a lot of things (sorry), but this you are invited too. :)

What kind of books? Any kind! Fiction. Non-Fiction. Self-Help. Classics. Any genre is welcome here.

How do you post a review? You have two options:

1. If you have a blog: Write a review on your blog. Then comment on this page with:
-your name
-the book
-topic (fiction, classic, parenting, dating, etc.)
-a link to the review

2. If you don't have a blog (or don't want to write a review on your blog): You can post a mini review here. Please include:
-your name
-the book
-topic (fiction, classic, parenting, dating, etc.)
-a brief review of the book-- what did you like, what didn't you like, what was the primary take away (if applicable), etc.

What is included in the review? Really whatever you'd like to share. But here is a general check list you could go through:
-Book Title and Author (with link to the book on Amazon or other website)
-Why you wanted to read the book
-What you liked most about the book
-What you didn't like about the book
-What was your primarily take away (if applicable)
-Would you recommend it

When can you start posting? Today! We are for sure going to do this for the fall... and may continue it 2012 if it works (which means if you post what you are reading). 

What if someone already posted a review on a book I was going to review? Do it anyway. We like to hear different perspectives on books. So please feel free to still post.

What if I can't find this post a month from now? That's easy-- I will post a link to this post on the Book Club & Review Page on the blog. So if you go there you will find it.

Can't wait to hear what all you are reading.