No we aren’t announcing the gender today, but we are announcing the names!!

The gender will be announced here on Tuesday, March 16th!! Be sure to check back then because Sarah, with Fish Lips Photography, has thought of a really fun way to reveal it on the blog.

Don’t forget to vote your opinion of the gender: See the survey just below the floating baby.

So what names are we going with?

Girl: Karis Jannette Kiser
Boy: Caleb Robert Kiser*

So to answer your next question: Why these names? Well let me tell you...

Girl: Karis Jannette Kiser

-Karis: Grace
-Jannette: God is Gracious

When we got pregnant so early after praying so hard for grace and a miracle for my body (if you haven’t heard already my health should’ve caused me to not get pregnant very quickly and have an increased chance of miscarriage), the name just seemed to fit. So we feel in love with the first name of Karis.

As for the middle name, I am a fourth generation Jannette, starting with one of my life heroes, my great grandmother, Nanny. I was the first one that had the name as a middle name, and I am thankful for that. Honestly, growing up its a name I’ve always disliked. But once I got older I love the generational connection. Then when we looked up the meaning we were blown away by how it complements and continues to boast in God’s grace.

And I just like the way Karis Kiser rolls off the tongue. :)

Boy: Caleb Robert Kiser*
*So we are still on the fence with this one. So far it is our favorite boy name, but we aren’t 100% about it. See more below.

-Caleb: Like the Heart
-Robert: Bright Fame

There is no special draw to Caleb other than we like it the best of other baby boy names. We feel like we have looked in every book and website and this is our favorite so far. But we are still looking-- see below, we need your help!

Robert is Chris’ grandfather’s first name. This man has been influential in shaping Chris into the man he is today. Growing up he was Chris’ primary male influence after his parents divorced. And still to this day one of the first people he calls when he needs sound advice. I have fallen in love with his grandfather too and we so want his name and legacy to be carried on in our family past the cherished last name Kiser.

Please give us your recommendation for boy names!
We are open to anything. No it does NOT have to start with a “C” or a “K.” In no way are we pulling a Duggar family-- both in names and numbers. ;) That was just a coincidence that our favorites start with those letters. So please share your recommendations.