Bracket Love for My Man

I say it all the time, but my husband is a total genius. For many reason, but for today, I will share just one: Asking me to fill out a backet for the NCAA Men's Basketball thing going on right now.

Do you like how I called it thing? Because I have no idea what it is called in actuality. If I'm being totally honest, I'm not even sure if I got NCAA right.

Anyway, he, knowing my competitive spirit, thought it would be fun for me to fill one out. You know what, he was totally right. First I had a blast filling it out. My choices were based completely on the schools name, mascot and ranking. And now, I find myself asking him to check the score. I even downloaded the ESPN app on my phone!

I am quite impressed with my TOTALLY CLUELESS self on my left side (note: circles mean I guessed right):

My right side, however, is not so hot (note: straight lines mean that the obvious is true-- I have no clue what I'm talking about. And this Aggie should have had a little less faith in her team, I just couldn't bring myself to vote against them till the end):

So all that to say, this season of March Madness might be more fun if you fill out a bracket. It's not too late if you aren't into it all, just get a fresh bracket somewhere. I started mine after a few games had been played (because you know I had no clue what the outcome was or even who was playing).

I told Chris, now if only he could figure out some bracket thing for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball season! Wishful thinking.