Budget Brunch

In January my husband had the genius idea to switch our Budget Crunch sessions to Budget Brunch sessions. He knows me all to well.

You see, I have significantly improved when it comes to talking about all things finance, but I still don't like it. Often times it ended with me walking to the other room and often times in tears. I've never onced pretended to have it together. I am very immature, I know it's not good to run from your problems. I'm working on it.

So anyway, our budget meetings never ended so well. Until Chris had a major breakthrough. He had the idea to move our meetings to my favorite brunch place-- Georgia's Farm to Market (used to be Sandy's). So now we print off our Quicken reports and find a nice table in the corner. We stay put for anywhere from 2-4 hours. It's delightful. Everything is organic there. They have a lady that comes around with a tea cart, tons of coffee options, an omelet bar, a fruit bar, and a salad bar that is a big as our living room. I am in heaven since this pregnant girl has been craving all things organic and fresh. Not to mention the cutest old man playing his xylophone.

There really is no lesson or funny story for this post. Other than, if you and your man or just you and yourself have problems when sitting down working on your budget, find a fun little place to analyze the facts!