Calling All Nursing Moms!

First, this is one of those posts that are FOR WOMEN ONLY. I'm just sayin' guys, this is one of those posts for the ladies and you might be grossed out.

I think my milk supply is going away. Sad face.
I'm not 100% sure that it is, but it seems to be.

Starting on Monday I noticed these signs:
-I use a nipple shield, so I can see if she's getting milk out when she's sucking. She wasn't. Or it would dry up fast.
-She was incredibly irritated while feeding. Like she'd suck and suck and nothing would come, so she'd get really frustrated and cry hard. So I'd warm up some milk and give her a bottle and pump. She would take that milk just fine.
-I thought it maybe it was an allergy to something I'd eaten, but I'd give her the pumped milk the next feeding and she'd take it just fine.
-I thought it could be a growth spurt, but in past growth spurts she would just nurse a lot more, she wouldn't express frustration while nursing or seem like she wasn't getting enough.
-And the thing that really confirmed it, is every time I pump, I'm only getting 1-2ozs. Usually I get 6ozs.

So what am I doing?
-I've contacted the Le Leche Group in Houston and am hoping to talk to one of their consultants soon.
-I'm drinking lots of water. Trust me, if I drink any more I'll have to get Depends.
-I haven't worked out since Monday.
-I'm going to buy some Mother's Milk Tea today.

So my question for you is this:
What can I do to increase my milk supply?
If you've lost your milk before, were you able to build it back up? Also, how did you confirm that it was going away?

I'm not ready to stop nursing. I really wanted to go at least 6 months, but was hoping to go a whole year. So please send me your thoughts Mamas!