Can He speak through the noise?

My days are noisy. Much like yours, I am sure. We are all bombarded with so much noise. 

Much of the noise I wouldn't trade. That's a lie. I would SO love to trade in the fussy noises my kids make for sweet giggles all day long. {Grin.} There are days I say to them, "Mommy just needs 5 minutes of no sound. Just. FIVE. MINUTES." My ears hurt sometimes from ALL the noise. 

And I dream of this and wonder what I could accomplish if I had this

I'm a dreamer and a doer, but most of my days are filled with mundane tasks. 

(Side-note for anyone that feels offended by that comment. I am in NO WAY saying that raising kids is a mundane task. It isn't. Every little thing we do is loving and teaching and leading and guiding. I truly believe that there is no greater thing. Whether you work all day out of the home or inside of the home, being a mom is a full on commitment that requires our all. Some moments it feels mundane and other moments it feels glorious. There is no greater thing I do or have done that compares to raising our three girlies. Moving on.)

Lately this dreamer has been aching for space to dream. The demands of home and work have been many and my minutes are packed. There hasn't been space to dream and I keep thinking that I need more time. 

Don't we all think: "If I could just have one extra hour a day what could I accomplish?" 

Last week, I was driving home from dropping my big girls off at school and I was talking with Jesus about my day.

My big girls are in school two days a week for five hours. My littlest sleeps for approximately two of those hours. It is sweet time for just us and when she is asleep it is go time for me to get some work done. Which means that I get four hours a week of uninterrupted work time, after that work can only get done when every one is in bed in the wee hours of the night or early morning. I was feeling kind of mopey about this. 

The Lord has been bringing more and more opportunities to do ministry this past year. He has given more and more vision for Sacred Holidays, my personal ministry, and our family ministry. Yet, I have lost more and more time-- we cut the maid (thank you for that Dave Ramsey), we had a baby (goodbye 8 hours a night), we have a toddler who doesn't love sleeping in her bed (goodbye 6 hours a night), and Chris' demands at work have been increasing (because he is dominating and everyone wants a piece of his genius, which is totally understandable). 

So I've been aching for space to dream and think and plan and act on all of that but often times feel stuck in the mundane of the demands of the daily tasks. 

As I was telling my Father God all of this, I felt Him say to me, 

"Did you think I didn't know there would be noise?" 

Um, what?! No, surely that was just in my head.

"Did you think I didn't know there would be noise? Do you think I can't speak through the noise?"

Well, I guess I had. I guess I thought things needed to all be perfect to hear from the Lord. 

That day the Lord reminded me that He had planned my days and He could and would use me just where I am. I had always thought I could do more writing and speaking once all the kiddos where in school. So the past year has totally taken me by surprise. It's been so good because it has also forced me to rely on Him instead of my own ability to follow Him. 

My encouragement to you today is to listen to Him right where you are... even if it's noisy. 

In Matthew 14, Jesus calls Peter to walk on water. Peter got distracted by the noise of the waves and wind around him. I've never faulted him for that because I've always related. But I wonder, what if he had made it all the way to Jesus. What would that have been like? What kind of faith would've been birthed?

May we walk today. Step out of our boats in faith. And one step at a time go towards Him (not towards our own plans). Eyes locked to His. Faith in Him.