Can You Hear Me Now?

One more story for the day and then I will log off. It's just about time for Karis to wake up for a feeding, but I had to share a story about her hearing test.

First, speaking of feeding, we went to the doctor yesterday for her two week weigh in and we are back to birth weight! Which means... drum roll please... we don't have to set the alarm at night to wake her up every 3 hours. Hooray! First night was a success too-- she went 6 1/2 hours between a feeding and slept for 5 1/2 of those hours! When we woke up at 3:00am to feed again I was wide awake and had a hard time falling back asleep. I don't think I have slept that long since month 4 of pregnancy.

Back to the hearing test...

One thing I've learned from all my past surgeries is that the sooner you can get up and walk around the better you will feel quicker. So we took a lot of family walks. Karis had to stay in her plastic bassinet on wheels and we would make loops around the Post Partum floor.

On day two we noticed that she had a sticker on her name plate in her bassinet. So right there in the middle of the hallway we had a celebration! We didn't have a clue what it was for, but it was her first sticker!! We were so proud of her.

When we got back to the room we asked the nurse what the sticker was for. Both Chris and I could have sworn we heard her say, "Oh she passed her URINE test."

We were a little confused as to why they'd give her a sticker for that, but OK. It was still a fun moment.

Well since my Aunt is an audiologist, I was getting hounded by her and my mom on the hearing test but I had kept forgetting to ask, assuming no news is good news. But then I finally remembered later that same day.

Me: (to nurse) What were the results of the hearing test?
Nurse: Remember I told you she passed.
Me: You did? I don't remember that.
Nurse: Yes, that is what the sticker was for.
Me: (laughing hysterically and Chris too) Oh, I thought you said that she had passed her urine test. Nice one, Mom. Baby can hear just fine, but maybe Mom needs to get her hearing checked!

Either way, way to go Karis you got YOUR VERY FIRST STAR. First of many I'm sure. We were so proud of you.