CASL: Question & Answer (Part One)

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*Note: Before I get started I just want to let everyone know that the cards are CHOSEN AT RANDOM. When I got home I shuffled them and kept them in that order. So there might be some repeats from the day, but like I said before, I want to repeat those so you have a more thorough answer.

OK let’s get started!

1. How do I know if the Lord wants me to be a leader?
That’s a very interesting question. One that honestly I’m not sure how to respond to. The truth is I think only you can answer that. The only way you will be able to answer that is through lots of prayer. I know that may seem like the church answer, but really it’s just a biblical answer. My only encouragement that I can offer you as you continue to seek this from the Lord is found in Matthew 7:7-11. In verse 7 it says: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.” I know this time in college can seem like such a big giant question mark wondering what’s your purpose, what are you created here to do and be. My guess is if your heart if feeling those tugs to be a leader and do something with your life, then He has put that yearning there. One book that I read that has really helped me discover this is called “Chasing Daylight” by Erwin McManus.

2. Will my calling in life be clear to me one day so that I will not question or doubt what it was that I was put here to do?
I literally laughed when I read this question. Not at you, don’t worry. Girl, you don’t know how many times I have asked this question myself this year! My hope is that we will never fully know. One of my favorite things about God is that he leaves us guessing. I mean I love it and am equally so frustrated by it at the same time (it’s a love/hate kind of feeling). I think that question that you feel in your spirit is a gift of humility that keeps us reliant on Him! My encouragement to you is to really guard that question to keep it from being a doubt. Don’t allow for one second for satan to try to rob. I would read all of John 10:1-18. It talks all about how He is our Shepherd-- He will lead us. But verse 10 warns us: “The thief (satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” The other thing that I can encourage you by is that as you read the Bible allow yourself to see how human these great pillars of faith were. They constantly question and hesitated what they were called here to do. So, girlfriend, you are not alone. But know that what made them great was simply that they continued to follow God and do what He said when He said it (or at least to fix their steps when the got off track).

3. One of my best friends is a beautiful, sweet, gentle young woman of God, but she is also very meek, uncertain of herself & has almost no self-confidence. I know that she puts a lot of trust in me. As her friend, confidant, and sister in Christ how can I most effectively build her up and show her how to love herself?
I’m starting to feel like you girls have just been reading my journal from this past year! ;) Of course I’m going to say what I always do, pray. I hope that you ladies catch this theme-- you must trust in YOUR walk with the Lord and know that the Holy Spirit will reveal His wise counsel to you! So I would just commit to praying for wisdom in how to handle this relationship and also pray for your friend to really gain her security in Christ and not you. Next to that I need to share one thing that a counselor told me this past year: You can’t rescue others. It sounds like you might be like I am, you just want to help anyone that wants help, especially those you love. You might want to consider even sitting down with your friend and sharing how you feel and ask her specifically what you can do to support her, but not enable her. I would also say continue to affirm what you see in her. My mom is a psychologist and she always says, it doesn’t matter how old they are, you will always see results with a little positive reinforcement.

4. How do you know when it’s God telling you to do something? His will?
This is a hard issue. The fact that cartoons make fun of it (you know the angel and demon on the shoulder), shows you are not alone in this feeling. The best way you will be able to discern what His voice is compared to your own or satan’s is to make it a practice to hear Him. I know what you are thinking: easier said than done, right? Make communicating with Him a consistent part of your day-- not just your devotional time or before bed, but your whole day. Praying without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17) is something that takes discipline and practice, it won’t be a natural tendency over night. As you finally take time in your day to see His answer, you will be amazed at how much you missed before. He will speak to you all the time-- sometimes its just your gut and you know, sometimes it’s through song or a friend or a sign or... you will just have to wait and see. But stop and look and you will start to be able to discern His voice from yours. After that I always look for confirmation. First, does what I am hearing line up with what’s in the Word of God? Second, does this line up with what I feel like God’s been leading me to do thus far? Third, find wise counsel (not just a friend that goes with whatever, but a friend or mentor that speaks truth in your life), see what they say. But ultimately you have to start to trust the Spirit in you. I heard someone say one time: “If I really feel in my spirit that He is leading me to do something, and I step into it and discover that it wasn’t the right thing to do. I feel like He will have grace because ultimately I was trying to pursue Him and honor Him.” Obviously He’ll have grace regardless and we don’t want to ever take advantage of that grace. But again, trust the Spirit in you! Makes sure you read questions 1 & 2 for more things to consider on this topic.

Ladies, I must say, I am BLOWN AWAY BY THESE QUESTIONS! I love how desperately you want to know what God’s will is for your life and how you can pursue that fully. I love you dearly. As always, you can still submit more questions or email me for clarification on an above question at

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