Chasing Daylight or Rabbits?

I love reading. (Which if you are a part of my family you might be shocked by this statement. Growing up I loved reading books that were enjoyable or applicable to where I was in life. So school books weren’t so much a priority… unfortunately.)

Well a few weeks ago Steven Knox (the college pastor at HFBC) recommended that I read Chasing Daylight by Erwin McManus. NEVER IN MY LIFE HAS A BOOK CHANGED MY LIFE (other than the Bible of course). I typically knock out a book every few weeks. It has been 3 weeks and I’m just starting chapter 4.

Every page brings conviction, freedom, and inspiration.

This has been an incredible (sometimes incredibly good and sometimes incredibly not so good) season of my life. The Lord has been working in me as I’ve never experienced over the past 6 months. A lot of that is really praying through what His plans are for my life—what am I “called” to do, what job should I have, where should we live, when is it time to have kids, what should we do with our finances… the decisions/thoughts never end and the faith steps are starting to begin…

The first three chapters will give you an idea of what I’ve been learning:
Chapter 1—Choices: Choose to Live
Chapter 2—Initiative: Just Do Something
Chapter 3—Uncertainty: Know You Don’t Know

As a Christian we make our main goal to discern God’s will for our life. We do this, often times, over living to bring Him glory in the here and now. We are so future focused and want to do the right thing that we miss Paul’s vision of “to live is Christ.”

I’ve decided that I am going to live life. Really live it.

What is funny is before I became a Christian that was one of my biggest reasons for not wanting to be a Christian. I saw the way most Christians lived and I didn’t want that boring, goody-two-shoes life. I wanted adventure, risk, and passion. I thought the only way to have that was to experience the world. What a limited perspective I had.

To live life, I don’t need to experience more of the world; I need to experience more of Christ.
I need to stop living my life to be like other Christians and start living my life to be more like Jesus.

This morning as I was praying that I would “chase daylight” today I felt convicted. Convicted that most of life up to this point I wasn’t really “chasing daylight” (even though I thought I was), I was really just chasing rabbits.

My hope, my prayer and encouragement for you today is that you would live life— “chasing daylight.” Our time on earth is brief. What will you/we do with it? What rabbits do you need to stop chasing?

You can read more about the book and/or purchase it here.