Check out recent guest posts

Hey friends!

Since things have been kind of quiet here on my blog, I wanted to re-direct you to two guest posts I've done recently.

"Giving Things Up" at
I shared a funny (to you, not me) lesson my Dad taught me growing up on giving things up. Then shared about the conviction I've had lately about having too much stuff. Not that all stuff is bad, but I should living willing to give it up for Christ (if called to). Be sure to check out the challenge at the end of the post!

"Are we too distracted" at
Oh this post was hard to write. Nothing like putting out there what you are trying to do to have some serious accountability! Shared about the lessons I'm learning about my over use of Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, texting, etc. How I've learned it's taking me away from real life. I wouldn't even say I am addicted and on it all the time, but too much. Would love to hear your thoughts on the ideas I shared in the comments!

Sorry I've been so absent. Between being out of town (or out of our house) and being SO sick this pregnancy, I've had little extra blogging time. But in a few weeks hopefully both of those will calm down!