Checking In | 2 1/2 Week Update

It's hard to believe Moriah has been here for 2 1/2 weeks already. I have to say that, for us, adjusting to 2 has been SO much easier than adjusting to 1. But I'm hesitant to even write that since, well, let's be honest, it's only been 19 days. We certainly don't have it figured out by any means. I've shed way less tears this time around (but note, there have still been tears shed). I'm not going quite as stir crazy either (crazy cold weather is helping with that). And I know the sleepless nights will pass (feel free to remind me of that when she cluster feeds when I'm ready to sleep).

As soon as Chris and I pulled out of the hospital parking lot, we turned to each other and said, "We are just common people now." Truly the whole 10,000th baby hoopla was just too much fun. But it wasn't real. We were given a fabulous suite, had delicious meals catered in for both of us and were surrounded by media, nurses, hospital administration and gifts galore!

Many have asked when Moriah's picture will be up on the Women's Hospital billboards around town. I heard from their marketing director yesterday that it will be second quarter (spring). We will def post pics when they are up! And in case you missed it, this is a pic I took of the article in the Houston Chronicle:

The sweetest thing of life with two is watching the two. I could burst I love that part so much. Karis is definitely having a hard time adjusting to not having our full attention, but she has had no problem adjusting to Moriah. Each morning she comes running out of her room singing, "Ri-Uh!!!!!" She includes her in all our play. She brings her stuffed animals and sets them on top of Moriah when I'm feeding her. She loves holding her and asks to do so often. It's beyond precious and makes me want to sob and laugh all day long.

One morning Karis grabbed my Jesus Calling devotional and Bible Reading Plan and started "reading" it to me. Apparently she thought I needed a double dose that day. Love when the Lord uses a toddler to encourage you. 

Karis and I made up a Sissy Song for Moriah (I apologize ahead of time if you listen, I have not been gifted in the voice department, but that doesn't keep us from singing around here):

Moriah is doing really great! She has been a WAY more laid back baby than Karis. I had a really hard time nursing Karis, but this time I've had that experience that other mom's used to tell me about (I used to get so bitter before when women said it was natural). Everyone asks us who she looks like, and the best answer is herself. There are moments and looks where she will give us glimpses of baby Karis and then other moments where she looks nothing like her. Chris' Mom says she reminds her of baby Chris and my mom said she reminds her of baby me (both never said that about Karis). Personally I think she looks a lot like baby Chris and Karis looks a lot like grown up Chris (good thing the girl version of my hubby is so cute!). She's growing great and putting on weight like a champ (which is helping her sleep great, for a newborn, at night)! We were so shocked to see her stats (would've never guessed her head was bigger than Karis' 85 percentile head):

And I am doing pretty good too. I'm healing so much better and quicker this time. And I've been able to get more rest during the day than expected. I've given myself permission and way more grace this time too. Dora, Mickey Mouse, and Princess Sophia have been running on repeat. This won't become our norm, but it will be allowed for a few more weeks... and that's OK. Really trying to be intentional to give myself more grace this time around and just enjoy it and not try to "get it right." Because there is no getting it right. Right now I just need to love my little ladies and get rest when I can. My favorite parts of the day are when I'm snuggling Moriah and Karis wants to join in (love M's little smile in this pic... even in a dream smile, she likes snuggles with sissy too):

We've had lots of visitors, friends and family, and that has been SO good for the two extroverts in the house (Karis and myself). We are so so so grateful for our family who have visited and come to help out. And loving getting to see our friends... especially since so many have come with food!

Karis being serenaded by Everett DuBroc.

We have some other fun news from our family (no, I'm not pregnant because that would be impossible), but that will have to wait for another day. And I am committed to writing on this blog again, I've really missed it and y'all. 
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