Chris Attempts Kegels

Yes you read that right.

Before you continue reading, let me recommend you empty your bladder completely before continuing.

OK, are you ready for this?

Chris and I have decided that for the summer when we are both home together we will watch no more than one show on DVR (if it isn't on DVR, then no TV). We are trying to maximize our time together these last two months.

I got a Pre-Natal Yoga DVD that has been incredible (seriously, if you are pregnant get one, it will make you feel tons better). Well one of the segments in the video is Kegel exercises. (Note: If you aren't sure what Kegel's are go here. Basically the same muscle women use to stop the flow of urine can also help when delivering... that and other things...)

I asked Chris the other night if he wanted to do yoga with me. Of course, he agreed (he's Chris Kiser). We thought that he could just follow the first tri-mester girl since she didn't have any limitations. He was quite the trooper. He stuck with it the ENTIRE time and never laughed (I laughed at him, but he kept a straight face).

I know what you are thinking: "Becky what's so funny about that?"
Hold on, hold on. I'm getting there I promise.

A couple of days later Chris brought up the Yoga DVD in the car and we had the follow conversation...

Chris: "You know that part where she had us sit on the floor and take our pelvic floor up different levels and hold it?"

Me: "Yes"

Chris: "I've been trying to figure it out for the past two days and nothing is happening."

Me: (Unfortunately I was driving. Fortunately we were pulling onto our street.) I begin laughing so hard I was near afraid that I was going to have to replace my entire seat before we got home.

Chris: "What? What's so funny?"

Me: "Oh, honey, I didn't even think to tell you during that part. But... it's just for ladies. It's a good thing you can't do it." And then I explained to him what Kegel exercises are.

We both laughed hysterically and have continued to do so ever time we think about it. I hadn't even thought that he might not know what Kegels were. But the perfectionist in him had been trying really hard to figure it out for two whole days.

Have a good Monday!