Chris' Nursing Cover Up

So the registering process is well under way. I am just about done (don't worry I'll post them soon so you can check it out and give me some feedback).

Since I am going to try to breastfeed as long as possible, I wanted to get a cute cover up. I have actually been surprised by how many cute things are at Babies R Us. This is the one I picked out for me:

Then it dawned on me... I won't be the only one feeding Karis. Chris wants to feed her too.

So I immediately started looking for a less girly one for Chris.

No I still hadn't realized yet what I was really thinking.

Then I found it: the perfect nursing cover up for Chris!

Nope still not getting it yet.

It was a nice neutral color. It was a vintage pattern (which bless his heart, he has genuinely learned to love). It was perfect. Don't you agree?

Just seconds before I am turning the laptop around to proudly present the genius find, I realized it.

Yes Chris will be feeding her. But he will ALWAYS use a bottle. And when you feed with the bottle you don't need to cover up.

And the pregnancy brain has reach an all new level.