Chris' Review is Today... Right Here!

Today Chris has his big annual review. ExxonMobil is very structured (like my man) in all things, but especially how they do their reviews. The review process started months ago, but today he meets with his boss to have the final face-to-face official review.

Thankfully Chris works hard and is excellent in all things, so it's not a nerve wracking day for him (or me). Instead its an exciting day in our house because we get to celebrate all the hard work he does to bring home the money!

Karis asked me to write a review of her Daddy. Since she's only been a live for 5 1/2 weeks, this is just a 5 1/2 week review. She doesn't care how things go today at work. As far as she is concerned, she's got the best Daddy ever.

I love how...
from Karis Kiser

You love on me when you first get home before you've even changed clothes.

You burp me every time after Mommy feeds me. And then you keep me for some snuggles.

You change (almost) all my diapers when you are home. Sorry about that one time I pooped all over you.

When I look at you I can't help but smile. You make me so happy Daddy.

You give me a bath almost every night. I know you don't think you are very good at it, but there's a reason I never cry. I just love time with you!

You wrap me up tight in my swaddle blanket. Sometimes I cry and act like I don't like it, but I sleep so much longer when you do that. Daddy does know best.

You rock me to bed almost every night. I'm sorry I cry so much when I'm trying to go to bed, it's just that I have so much fun with you and Mom and don't want to leave y'all for the night. But you have the magic touch Dad-- the way you rock me back and forth on your knees puts me right out.

You have mastered "The Five S's"... I am working hard to be "The Happiest Baby on the Block."

You pray over me before I go to bed each night. I love hearing you talk about Jesus.

On the weekends you get up with Mom for the 3am feeding (I know she loves it too). I know you are so tired from working all week. So it means that much more that you sacrifice your sleep just to see me more.

You get Mommy's pump set up almost every time you are home. I am going to be really thankful for all that extra milk one day!

You show me off to everyone. One day soon I'll try to stay awake and do tricks, I'm just so tired right now.

You smell me a hundred times a day. I'll hang on to this baby smell as long as I can.

You talk to me like I know what you are saying. I will understand one day. But for now I just love hearing your voice inflections and seeing your facial reactions.

You and Mommy take me for walks when you get home. I love being outside so much. But I really just love time with y'all. There's something about that Baby Bjorn that just puts me right to sleep.

You are my cheerleader during Tummy Time. With you and Mom on each side, I love turning me head back and forth!

You are like the paparazzi. I don't even know what that word means yet, but Mom says it all the time about you. All I know is when you hold that black thing it makes lots of bright light. That must be your favorite toy because use play with it a lot when you are with me.

You love Mommy. I hear you tell her all the time how much you love her and how beautiful she is how she's the best Mommy. One day I want to marry a man that loves me as much as you love her.

You go to work each day for us. I know it's hard to leave us each day. But I am so thankful you sacrifice to work hard so Mommy can stay home and take care of me. I'm so proud of you Daddy!

There's so many more reasons, but Mommy says it's time for a nap again. Now hurry home so we can have some snuggles and celebrate your review!