Chris's Dream Last Night

This morning Chris and I were talking over our coffee about how we had slept last night.

Can I stop and just say that we sound like such old people in that last sentence.
Two things should be clarified...

1. We started drinking coffee this week so that we would both be more consistent with spending time with the Lord. Coffee in the mornings was a habit I used to have till I got pregnant, but I stopped for the sake of the baby. Now, it's totally fine to have a couple of cups a day. And Chris has always hated it... until we found the Carmel flavor at HEB on Sunday.

2. Each morning he asks me how I slept because each night is totally different with only 18 days left to go in this pregnancy. I usually ask him back because it's not easy sharing a Queen size bed with my pregnant self and pregnant body pillow. Our bed will feel like a California King in just a few weeks!

Back to his dream...

Me: (after recounting my night) How did you sleep?
Chris: I had a crazy dream last night.
Me: (not knowing where this could go) Oh yeah, what happened?
Chris: You were on America's Next Top Model Maternity Addition

Do you think that means it's time to stop watching America's Next Top Model with my husband? And if that's the case then do I have to give up Project Runway too?

Or should I just take it as a complement that my hubby thinks that with only 18 days to go I could be in a modeling competition.

I think I'll go with the second.