Christian Aggies and Cussing

So I just have to say for the record that it makes me laugh really hard any time Christian Aggies put on their status or even say: Beat the H*ll out of _______ ."

I don't know why, it just is so strange... and a bit humorous as well.

If you are one not a Christian or you are a Christian that feels like its totally fine to cuss, I'm not even talking about you right now... so we can debate cussing on a different day.

What is so funny to me are the Christian Aggies that NEVER cuss and wouldn't even say "H*ll no" as a general answer or use the word in a cursing way any other time and even look offended if others say the word in another context... BUT for some reason, feel totally comfortable and confident to say it when it comes to Aggie Sports.

I'm not an outsider. I definitely went to aTm and participated in yells at games. But I could never get passed it when all my friends would yell at the top of their lungs "Beat the h*ll out of _____."

As my beloved Aunt would say: I'm just sayin'.