The Christmas Debate - Interviews Coming Soon!

Good morning sweet bloggy friend!

Every time Christmas comes around I feel like I've done a horrible job preparing for it. Not just the presents (although each year I promise myself I'll have it all done before December even hits), but with the actually preparation of Christmas. As a Christian I want it to mean more than just presents and events. Yet at this same time I feel pulled to want to participate in the magic and giddiness of the holidays and Santa and mistletoe (you know I had to go there).

I feel totally torn. I have resolved that this whole thing will be a lifelong journey to figuring out what is best for our family. That it will look different than anyone else's because our family is different than anyone else's (so is yours-- whether your family is just you or you have 10 kids).

I've decided to do some blog interviews with some women that I highly respect to get their insights on Christmas. I'm expecting to hear some different answers because these women are all different, except they all will come from a Christian perspective.

I'm also going to interview a couple of people who don't follow Christianity to get their perspective of Christians during the holidays. 

Won't this be fun??

But I want your help! I will be emailing all the interviewees the questions over the next week, and I wanted you to help with the list!

So please comment with any questions you might have!

I do have my list started for ladies to ask, but if there are any other ladies out there, I'm not afraid to ask, so feel free to send me their names!