Confession: My Crush on...

I decided now was an appropriate time to share this.
I have literally only shared this with a handful of people in my entire life.

So here I go.
Oh my goodness, I'm like an embarrassed little school girl right now.
I feel just like you do right before you rip a band-aid off.
OK, Becky just do it.
Ok. I'm ready.

But first, promise you won't judge me. If you promise, then I give you full permission to laugh at me both while you read this and next time you see me.

Ripping band-aid now.

Spring semester of my sophomore year in high school my brother, Nils Smith, invited me to go to Metro Bible study with him (a large, weekly event for young singles in Houston). He had good reason to. I was in deep into things that I shouldn't have been in deep with and needed some help. I had said no for the entire fall and had run out of excuses. But more than anything I just adore my big brother and wanted to spend more time with him.

So he is the reason I went the first time.

But there were two reasons I went back.

First, the speaker, Dave Edwards, was just hilarious. I never felt like I was being preached at. Never felt like he was going to push me down the aisle to convert me. I really enjoyed listening to him.

But second, and really the main reason, was a pair of blue eyes.
Blue eyes that belong to Robbie Seay, the worship leader.

Please tell me you are laughing at me, because I'm already giggling.

I was one of those girls. I totally went to church every Monday night at 7pm not to worship God (although that would come just a few months later), but to stare into some baby blues.

The Lord can use anything huh?

So guess what?

The Lord loves to laugh at me because guess who is leading worship at the very first Captivated Together Monthly event?

In case that picture is too blurry for you. Let me point out the man at the bottom of the card-- that is Robbie Seay. Yes blue eyes, Robbie Seay.

And since I'm on the Captivated Together Team, I have to be there and face that awkwardness I feel from crushing on him for half a year of my teenage years.

So since I shared a secret I have kept for years and years,

I think it is only fair that you come to
(connect with others... & support me in my shame)
Captivated Together Monthly Gathering

on Monday, January 21st.

Details are here. (you can RSVP and invite more friends there).
The blog is here (meet the team on new blog posts being posted this week).
The website is here (find out more about what Captivated Together is all about).

P.S. I just feel like I need to say that I am not a stalker and have moved on with my crush. I was 15 years old then. I'm a mature 28 year old (wink) and happily married to a man with (in my opinion) even dreamier eyes. Just felt like I should point out the obvious. So security will not be needed on Monday.