Chris and I have been having some disagreements lately. Fortunately instead of escalating into a fight, it has now become a catalyst for lots of laughter! Chris has grown increasingly aware of not only the differences between a man and a woman, but the differences between us.

First you should know two things:
1. Chris is the most consistent person I have ever known.
2. I am not. I like change and new adventures.

Here is our problem: On any given day I could say, "I love my job! I want to work there forever." And just a few hours later say, "I am ready to quit. I don't want to work any more."

Here are some other examples if you still don't get it:
"I am so not ready to have a baby but I really want a baby now."
"I am starving but I don't want to eat anything."
"Let's make a plan but I want to be spontaneous."
"I'm completely exhausted but let's stay up late tonight."
"I want to go out tonight but I just want to stay home and do nothing."
"I love our house but I'm so ready to move."

Poor guy! He has had the hardest time understanding how I could feel two totally contradictory ways at the same time. He said it's not possible. Finally we included Paula into our discussion. She is the female version of Chris. And even though she is my best friend, she is generally able to help me see that he is right. Well she told Chris that she totally got it! :) It must be a girl thing.

Do y'all know what I'm talking about? Do you ever feel two opposite ways at the same time? Please help me not feel like I'm losing it! :)