Cover Up!... Please?

So Chris and I have started (or trying to start) going to work out at 5:00am (gasp) 3 times a week and then at least once over the weekend. It's been a while (sad) since I last worked out, but I figured the rules were still the same. Guys locker room: It's ok to walk around as the good Lord created you. Ladies locker room: cover up what He gave you.

I don't know if it's just the gym I go to or what, but the ladies do NOT cover up!!! Literally this morning I saw two ladies walking around like it was no big deal that they didn't have clothes on! Mind you I only saw 5 total people in there this morning. That's 40% of the women feel like this is ok!!

Seriously, this is not helping motivate me to get there before the sun has even thought about rising.

A friendly reminder to all gym goers on locker room suggestions (should be rules):
1. cover up at all times. you have several options:
-stay in your work out clothes
-use a towel (bonus is they are included in your dues)
-bring along some sweats to get ready in (since you are into the comfy thing)
-or just go ahead and put on the clothes you plan to wear
2. use the changing rooms. they are no more than 10 feet from your locker, just go to them.
3. if you absolutely must be completely exposed, could you please use the changing/locker section at the very end of the locker room.

While I am so proud of you for working out, I really don't want to be able to see just how bad you need to work out, nor do I need you to show me how bad I need to work out. :)