Cruise Update & Pics (Part Two)

So like I said already, the most beautiful beach you will ever lay eyes on is in Roatan, Honduras. All I can say is at some point in your life try to get there. I wish that the pictures did the place justice, but it didn't. So just trust me. Go. Get a second job or whatever it takes.

As soon as we got off the boat we had some festive dancers greet us.

Then we took a beautiful bus ride to the beach. We walked across the crystal, soft white sand and came to this:

As you can tell we were slightly excited...

This crazy guy, Tommy, talked us into snorkeling. He looks trust worthy right? ;)

We were ready.

FYI: if you go snorkeling ever... #1: you don't need the life jacket (unless you don't know how to swim). #2: you don't really need the flippers. the water just feels better without them, but be prepared to work a little.

And we did it! It was BEYOND incredible to experience this with Chris for the first time. The whole time I was amazed at the creation God had under the water. I thought to myself many times: You just did this for Yourself. Now You are just showing off. :)

This is what we saw. I have to be honest, I don't scare easily, I love adventure. But it freaked me out a little to be surrounded by all these fish. I thought they'd swim away from you real quick, but they come right up to you. Also, its kind of easy to freak yourself out by realizing a shark could swim up at anytime. I suggest trying not to think thoughts like that. :)

So I am going with NOT obvious (subtle) beach theme for Karis room. Basically I am being inspired by the colors of the beach: browns, whites, blues, greens, yellows... and now, some splashes of pink just for fun. Chris wrote Karis' name (well he did Caleb's too just in case) in the sand. This will go in a frame in her room.

Chris' mom, Tammy, and step dad, Larry, are just too cute.

They had taken a salsa class on the ship the day before. I love that Larry, without shame salsa-ed with her on the beach many times. Good man!

I just loved every piece of nature:

The water was crystal clear:

On the way back I spotted this fisherman's boat. The tour guide said that he will go miles out to catch fish in this. Crazy.

After a lot of time in the sun that day, our burned bodies were ready to eat up that night!

Then we played a really fun, human sized shuffle board. I had a natural talent some how. I totally felt like we were curling.