Cruise Update & Pics (Part One)

For those of you interested in where I was during those 8 days of no blogging, I am putting together a 3 part blog with lots of pictures (by lots I mean 60 of my favorites).

The trip started off with us getting there WAY too early. So we headed to the strand to do some early shopping. You can never start to early on vacation!

We went on the cruise with Chris' mom, Tammy, and step dad, Larry. Also, their best friends, Kim and Tommy. We went to Vegas last year for Larry's birthday all of us plus Jason, and had a blast. Jason was supposed to go on this cruise too but he is roughing it in Australia. But he was certainly missed on this trip!

I didn't get this hat but I sure wanted to. I think I would've really enjoyed the days back when women wore outrageous hats. I just love them!

As soon as we could we went to our rooms to check out the view. Larry got us all a balcony room!! Our balcony was right next to Tammy and Larry's so we were easily able to snap this fab picture of them.

Chris quickly received the nickname: Paparazzi. We LOVE our new Canon Rebel T2i and highly recommend it!

I was a little afraid that the rooms would be unbearably small, but they weren't. I even thought to myself several times: "Chris and I could've saved a lot of money at the beginning of our marriage if we had gotten an efficiency apartment." Don't worry the thought didn't last long.

Let the buffets begin!

I was repeatedly made fun of for eating lots of the smoked salmon. I asked my doctor before I left if I could have as much seafood as I wanted just for this week and he said it would be fine. I don't think he realized that I would be having it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

Oh yeah, and the meds worked, so I totally had an appetite the whole time. More on that in Part Three. This was my standard lunch: smoked salmon wraps, salad and cheese.

It was unbelievably windy the first two days. This is Tammy and I trying to get to the very front of the boat. Yes we were being a bit dramatic, but it did almost knock you over!

We spent lots of time playing Farkle. If you haven't played, spend the $5 at your local Target or Walmart and get it. It's so fun.

Every night the cleaning lady would straighten up our rooms and pull our beds down and leave us with a Towel Animal. Here is our first one: a puppy wearing my shades. Cute, huh?

We were crazy and got up almost every morning at 6am to watch the sunrise. The good thing is we could take a nap later in the day to make up for the missed sleep. Every day it was totally different and every day it affirmed our faith in God as creator.

We went to a fruit carving seminar. The chef did this in ten minutes and I'm not even kidding.

Our view all day every day. You feel really sorry for me don't you? ;)

Belly pic on the balcony.

Chris and I catching a smooch before the show started. Every night there was a show. It wasn't change-your-life good entertainment, but it was still fun to go to the theater every night.

The whole reason we took the trip was because Monday was Tammy's birthday! We decided to go to Johnny Rockets (a 50s diner) for lunch. They sing and dance to 50s music while you eat. It was a ton of fun! That day I was feeling a little sick, so I missed out on the yummy burgers and fries and shakes. And ever since we've been back I want to go to Princes and stuff my face!

At the fancy dinner that night, the waiter surprised Tammy with a song and dessert. However, we had already talked her into ordering two desserts since it was her bday, so she ended up getting three!

And a sneak peak of what's to come for Part Two... Roatan, Honduras = the most beautiful place on earth.