Cruise Update & Pics (Part Three)

This is the last and final round of pictures of our cruise.

Our second stop was in Costa Maya, Mexico. We decided to not be lazy and become inspired and cultured on this stop, so we went on a Mayan Ruins tour. The pictures can't even do their handiwork justice. It's insane they did this without modern construction tools.

See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. (This was Tommy's idea, I thought it was cute.)

This is me sitting at the bottom of the ruin real sad. They didn't tell us till we go there that pregnant women can't really climb to the top. You see the ruins were created for the gods. The steps are really steep and narrow. They weren't intended for mere mortals to climb. Now, tourists are allowed to so they can experience what was at the top. I ain't' gonna lie, I was pretty disappointed. I love heights and love experiencing new things. I don't like being still.

Who knows how many years old this tree is. Look at how small everyone looks standing on the roots!

Tommy and I thought this might have been their bathroom (it was a really small little room).

There was finally a ruin they let me climb up (it wasn't as high as the others and the steps were much better). Note: Don't get too close to the edge, it won't end well for you. ;)

Chris loved this field. So for fun the Mayans played this game where they hit a hard ball (more like a rock) back and forth between teams with their hips. Ouch! Whoever loses is sacrificed. Yes, they are killed if they lose.

Tommy is just a big kid.

More holding hands. Tammy and Larry are just too cute!

And we made it back with just 5 minutes to spare.

Third and final stop was Cozumel, Mexico. This is us waiting at Senior Frogs for the rest of the gang. Unfortunately we had our watch set on ship time and they were asking locals what time it was. We never met up. But Chris and I did find a nice hold in the wall, delicious Mexican place to eat. Yummy! Oh and I love love love hammocks!

Why, oh why can't Galveston look like this?

So I mentioned that my nausea was cured, thanks to Dr. Cone's fabulous prescription. So for the first time in 4 1/2 months I had an appetite! Which means that I ate and I ate and I ate. Dinner time is the most delicious, gourmet, experience. The waiter nicknamed me: "Double Downs." I'm not kidding. I ordered 2 appetizers, often times 2 entrees (on lobster night, 3), and two desserts. One time I only ordered 1 dessert and he brought me a second as a joke (I ate it). Every time he came to me to take my order he would crack up laughing, knowing I was about to order more than all the other men at our table. On the last day I told him, "I don't know if I've told you yet, but I'm pregnant." In his really sweet Romanian accent he said, "I noticed" and then broke out in his giggle. Some how I only gained 2lbs on the cruise. Since I had lost 7 so far in the pregnancy, I was trying to gain no more than 7, so it worked out. :)

Last sunrise.

So there you have it. It was a wonderful trip. We are so thankful for Tammy and Larry for inviting us to go. They are the most generous people I have ever met. More than that I was just reminded the whole trip how thankful I am to have in-laws that I really want to spend a whole week with! That, I know, is a rare gift!

Next stop: Vegas Baby! Chris and I are heading to Vegas next month. It's funny because both of us don't really like Vegas, but for some reason, we end up there once a year for some reason or another. I am looking forward to lounging by the pool all day and dinners with my man at night! Click HERE to view the blog from the last trip to Vegas: "Ike v. The Kisers."