Dating Advice: What NOT To Do

I was flipping the channels earlier and came across a show that trains teens how to date. Intrigued I stopped for a minute to see what the media is training teens to do.

With in minutes I was shocked, saddened and horrified.
It wasn't even sexual, it was deeper than that. It was identity based.
The girl in training was 16 and loved comic books and anime. Now that isn't exactly my choice thing, but I know that there are guys out there that would love to find themselves a comic book girl. She was adorable, but not in the typical (really not so typical) Gossip Girl / 90210 kind of way. She was totally herself and confident.
Until this teen dating trainer started to "teach" her how to be a better date.
The first thing she told the girl was to never mention anything about her love for comic books or anime. She said that guys can't see a girl that likes that as feminine.
Isn't that sad?!
So here is what I would say to you: BE YOURSELF. Be fully yourself. Don't ever hide something you love for a guy. If you have to be something you think he would like better than you are a phony and the relationship is a hoax. Not to mention that you will be even lonelier than when you were single because you won't even know yourself. Be patient and discover who God and you will discover who you were created to be. Then maybe the right guy will come along during that process... or maybe he won't. But your identity will be solidified.
Comment Question: If you could give any piece of dating advice, what would it be?