The day before 30...

Today is my last day to be twenty-something. I have to tell you I’m not the least bit sad about it. I know there will come a day when I dread turning another year older, or so I’m told. But I feel like if you live life to the fullest moving forward is something of great expectation.

I don’t believe in the, so called, glory day mentality. Each season and stage has it’s own set of trials and growth and joy and fun. 

While there are so many indescribably awesome memories from my twenties, so much happened that I am ready to close the chapter on this decade and move forward! Largely because I feel like the twenties are so much like those awkward Middle School years everyone gets to watch play out. 

When I turned twenty I was... well I was such a baby. But I thought I was such a grown up! Life experiences had certainly matured me, but that didn’t change the fact that the year before I turned 20 I was a teenager. 

I could go on and on with what I would’ve done different in my 20s. We all have pasts, my hope is always simply that I wouldn't be handicapped by my past. The Lord has used all those things I wish I could do over and made me into who I am today and brought me to the life I have today, so I am thankful.  Some of those things were harmless, some were straight up sin, but most were just lessons I needed to learn to mature. 

The good memories were times I treasure and am so thankful I got to experience so many of the joys I've been able to experience this past decade. So many good things came my way that I could just burst thinking of the Lord's provision and goodness. Beyond what I could imagine. Never what I imagined, mind you. 

However, I believe it’s important that we don’t let ourselves think it was our doing that made the good times so seemingly perfect. Mistakes and trials aren’t always a bad thing. Chris’ grandfather says all the time, “Don’t be afraid to fail.” Perfection does not equal godliness. 

So to ring in my 30s I’m going to share all my wisdom (read sarcastically) of my less than perfect decade in my 20s. Really though, I do want to share all that I have learned from my twenties. So come back next week to hear from an old 30 year old on: 

Dating, Singleness & Marriage
Pregnancy & Kids
Education & Working
Walking with God
Self Esteem & Body Image
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