A Day of Lasts

While tomorrow is my last technical day, today is my last real day.

All I'm doing tomorrow is packing up the office then turning in my key.

So today is going to be filled with a lot of lasts.

So far I've done the following for the last time...

  • slept in too late
  • tried on at least 25 outfits for the perfect last day outfit (why do girls have to be so ridiculous?!)
  • hit every red light possible
  • got to work way too late
  • missed a meeting
  • made a to do list that is going to take more time than i have today
  • opened my outlook box
  • went to the cafe downstairs to get one last breakfast fruit bowl
  • made ice tea in the office one last time (Debbie and I are MAJOR tea addicts)
  • had my morning update with Debbie (I'm going to miss her)
  • and, now, blogged to put off the previously mentioned to do list

All this and it's only 9:42am. Today is going to be an interesting today. :)

Seriously though, I can't believe it's finally here. I know next week I'll savor and process what this means and where I finally am.

A week ago I got to Joshua in my reading plan and I had to stop. I can't wait to enter my next "promised land" along side the Isrealites. Hopefully I'll learn from their mistakes and not repeat too many of them. :)

But I am so thankful for this journey and so thankful that the Lord hasn't revealed what's next. Its teaching me to trust Him in ways I've never done and to find my fullfillment in Him, not what I do or how other perceive me. Right now my job is to love Him and follow Him and love others. The details are up to Him.

As Chris would say: MAKE it a good day!