Dear Winter,

I just feel like you and I need to have a heart-to-heart.

I am willing to let you stay here one more week, but after that I feel like you should know that you will be over staying your welcome.

You see I don't live in Houston because winter is my favorite season. Absence always makes the heart grow fonder with us... and right now, due to your constant presence, I'm not to fond of you right now.

Not to mention that us Houstonians only own about 3 sweaters. I am close to wearing holes in all my winters clothes. And on top of that they really don't fit and I'm not going to buy winter maternity clothes just for you.

February ends in a week, I think that gives you enough time to pack up. Because March is the month of Spring Break. Even though I'm a grown up and don't have Spring Break any more, it still is the month that should usher in Spring. I need the warmth of sunshine so desperately!

Thank you for your kind consideration,