I used to love magazines, still do. But a few years ago I had to cancel all my subscriptions. While I love seeing fashion, I found myself feeling like I needed to look like the girls in the magazines. I knew in my head that was stupid, but when I looked in the mirror the thoughts of "you're not good/beautiful/thin/______ enough" always crept in. So I cancelled the voice that told me that.

Today I came a cross an article online that had the following picture: (Actual photograph on the left. Photoshopped & published version on the right) *Sorry for the cleavage, but I thought it was a picture worth posting.

What's funny about this (or not funny) is I can remember being in line at the grocery store, looking at this very magazine cover, thinking, "How can she look like that? She just had a baby!"

LIES LADIES, LIES!!! Even though she looks fabulous in the actual picture (the one on the left), even she doesn't look as good as the one on the right. IT'S NOT REAL. While we want to strive to be healthy and take care of the bodies the Lord gave us, we need to have realistic views about it. I just thought someone else needed to hear this today. This morning I literally journaled about weight and being sick of it. So this image is what the Lord had for me this morning.

Claim this with me: "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:14