Disconnecting for a week

I hesitated to even post this. I always think it is funny when people write on their social media platforms that they are taking a break.

It's like that boyfriend that you need to see just one more time to say it's not going to work out, just one final, for real this time, goodbye.

I'm not doing that with you though. You aren't like a bad boyfriend (in fact, you are the total opposite). But it is funny that we say goodbye to social media land. That we have to give a disclaimer for the upcoming lack of posts. Surely there is a Stuff Christians Like post on that.

But because I'm literally disconnecting (headed to the country where there isn't even cell service y'all), I won't be able to post at all for a a week and a half. I've already set up the Blog Roll post for the July Book Club, the Help. So that will still go up. But other than that it will be crickets around her my friends.

What about you? What are your plans for July 4th? Any crazy firework stories out there?