I love people and I love busy-ness. I’ve always done better when I’m juggling multiple things. For example my last semester in school I took 24 hours just to finish it off-- and I made all As (something that wasn’t very present on my previous transcripts). I just work better if I have 12 things to work on. It’s the calm and quiet that really throws me off. Anyone that came to my office for more than 5 minutes this summer knows that I literally could not go more than 3 minutes without the phone ringing or someone coming in to see me or me needing to go deal with the kids. I loved it. But now Day Camp is over and so are all the distractions. Don’t get me wrong I have a whole new list of things to get started on, but this silence is overwhelming, almost eerie. I never thought that a distraction-less world could render me so distracted!!