the DMV

NEVER again will I step into that place. Now that you can renew everything online I will officially look 25 for the rest of my life.

I had to go. I have been Rebecca Smith for 2 months. According to the DMV it was time to become a Kiser. My expectations were way off. It took me all of one lunch break (that is one hour) to drive downtown to the courthouse, park, get a certified copy of my marriage license, drive back towards work, stop at the social security office and get my new Kiser social security card. ONE HOUR for all of that.

So surely to drive 5 minutes from work to the DMV at 2:00pm on a Friday afternoon will be a breeze. Praise God Chris joined me to get his new license too.

Take a wild guess how long we were there?

Not one, not two, but… 3 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was torture for me. I can’t stand (I know it’s a problem) being around a lot of strangers (like at airports and stadiums). I just want to shower and get away from all the coughing, sneezing, crying, cell phone rings and straight up bizarre and disappointing things our human race does!

Yes, I know it’s bad to judge people… but I felt you all should be warned.

Things we witnessed…
A teenage boy’s belt was fastened underneath his butt.
Another teenage boy’s baggy jeans had a smily face on the back. So when he put his legs together and turned around, you were smiled out. wow.
Families of 10 coming for one person. I understand someone has to take care of the kids, but when half of the people are adults, I will never understand.
They have 30 chairs for 150+ people in their waiting room.
You have to wait in one line for an hour to get your ticket. Then wait for another hour for your number to be called. Then wait in the next line for an hour to get your picture taken.
One lady “kept hearing her number” and tried sneaking into the second line every 10 minutes. The security officer literally had to remove her every time. And she kept going back.
A mother who asked her 16 year old son every 10 minutes, “honey, do you want to sit down?” “honey, do you want to read your book.” I felt for the kid.
More women in their pajamas than should be allowed. I am all about comfort when running errands but slippers at 2pm in the afternoon when it’s raining outside. Come on!
We parked right up front, only to leave after closing. So we had to leave from the back door and run in the rain all the way to the car.
I realized about an hour into it that I hadn’t eaten all day.
I realized about an hour and a half into it that I had to go to the bathroom.

Needless to say I am not to proud of our DMV. It was a horrible way to spend a Friday afternoon. I know I should be thankful I got to spend 3 hours with my hubby (and that was fun). I should be thankful I can drive (and I am). I should be really thankful I passed the vision test and finally got that removed from my license (no more tickets).

Moral of the story: if you want a new picture, it’s not worth it. Keep the one you have and renew online.