Do you know what month it is?

It's been over 2 years since I first wrote this about the Skaggs family.

And today I am begging you to hop over to their blog and read a very special post by Emily: Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

I promise it will be worth every 2 minutes you take to read it.

Emily shared some great Myths and Truths about their experience with having a child that has Down Syndrome. You will love their perspective, you might be put in your place (in a kind way) on some areas of ignorance (but you aren't alone), but more than all you will be more educated and capable of loving others who are, as Emily says, "more like us than different."

And can I just second two things that Emily offers in her post:

1. If you find yourself pregnant and recently diagnosed or preliminarily diagnosed with having a baby that has higher odds of having Down Syndrome, please contact me and I will help you get a hold of Emily (if you don't already feel comfortable enough contacting her yourself). She has made several of my friends feel so much better!

2. If you or someone you know has found themselves in the above situation and they just don't feel like they can handle a baby that has DS and are considering abortion, I will adopt that baby. No questions. No judgements. No debate here on abortion. Just simply, know we would be willing or, if you'd rather, will be willing to help you find a couple or agency that wants a baby that has Down Syndrome.

Thanks for taking a few minutes!

Here is the link again: Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month