Do you rejoice for others?

I've shared before that I am (so very honored to be) one of the guest posters for CBC Online, here is peak of the post that I wrote today for them, 

"Do you rejoice for others?" 

Have you ever had something really amazing happen to you only to have a loved one make you feel guilty or bad for that very thing? 

This past summer Chris (my husband) and I were given a very generous gift. It was really interesting to hear the responses of our friends: “Wow, I wish someone would give that to me” or “I would never accept that” or even, a very honest, “No fair!” But then there were a few friends, true friends, who said things like, “How thoughtful, I’m so happy for y’all!” or “I can’t wait to see how God uses that gift” or even, again a very honest but more acceptable, “I’m so happy for y’all, yes I wish I could have the same gift, but I’m more happy for y’all!”

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