Don't read this book:

Unless you want your entire life to be ruined.
Ruined for the good. But ruined.

So I guess, what I really mean to say is:
read it.
Don't waste another minute. Read it now.
(And if you are married, get your husband to read it too.)

This book has moved into the "Top Five Books I've Ever Read" category!
(And, as I replied to a friend earlier this week when passing along the book, "Yes I have read more than 5 books.)

Chris picked up this book a month or so ago on a trip I had sent him on to Lifeway. He went to pick up the new Francine Rivers book I had been dying to get my hands on. Little did I know that when I asked him to pick up a light hearted fiction book, he would also pick up a book that has literally changed our lives.

I love reading. There is always at least one book on my nightstand. So, naturally when he brought home Radical for himself, I turned to the back to see if I'd sneak it over to my night stand. It took just reading a few sentences to realize I didn't want to read it. Not because it didn't sound good. But already I was convicted and I was just reading the back of the book. Not a good sign. So I set it down and left it for him. Grin.

Well I finished the Francine Rivers books a few days later (anyone else feel like she takes over your life when you pick up her books?), and there it was. Bright orange cover taunting me. So I picked it up again and read the back. Uh-uh. Not going to.

So to distract myself I decided I'd read something much better... blogs. I went to all my favorites. And that very day Amanda wrote this blog post and I knew. I was supposed to read it. Not later. But now. Ugh.

So I did. I could hardly put it down. Any spare minute I had it was in my hands. This sleep deprived Mama even stayed up to the wee hours reading it. It's the kind you read, then need to re-read. The kind of book that makes you pause and think. Evaluate. And realize.

The best (and worst) part of it all is the last chapter.
It's what separates it from EVERY other Christian self help book out there. It forces you to do something. Not just anything, but something very specific.

So that's what we are doing. We are doing something very specific in response to our call to be Radical. I'll share details soon...

More info about the book HERE.
Or just go ahead and buy it HERE.