Duty or Delight: Week 1 Conversation

I promised to have our weekly conversations up on Monday and I am cutting this one close. We literally just walked in the door an hour ago from our family vacation (more details on that later).

I hope you have had the chance to get started on week one, "Knowing God has Chosen Us." It has been so good for me. My eyes are already being opened up to things that need to change in me. My heart is already being stirred to let God pursue me and chase after Him more in response.

I cannot even wait to hear what you have gotten out of it so far.

Three things I'm asking for all of you participating in this: 

1. That you comment. The whole purpose of doing this via the world wide web instead of in person is to give our schedules a break and make it more realistic that we would complete this study. HOWEVER, if we aren't participating then we really loose so much of that group aspect that is so valuable when doing a study. So please comment to the questions.

2. Create new questions. I will always start with the questions given to us in the book. Then as I go through the study during the week I mark questions in the columns for us to discuss. BUT I am also hoping that you add questions. So as you go through the week, mark questions (either things you'd like to hear other people's thoughts on or things you don't understand).

3. Check in the comments for the weekly challenge-- this will be something new that I had recommended to me from several people participating in past Book Clubs. (By the way, this is completely optional, but would be fun.)

If you haven't already, be sure to sign in on the Roll Call for this study HERE.

See you in the comments!