Duty or Delight: Week 2 Conversation

This week has my head spinning. A good spinning, but spinning.

Never has the bread and the blood and what that means for my redemption come so alive for me. I needed this reminder. I needed this truth.

I can't wait to hear what you got out of it too. See you in the comments for lots of questions!

As always, the best way to get the most out of this study is to:

1. Comment! Comment! Comment! You all totally dominated in this last week. I love hearing what you are getting out of this. That is one risk to doing this as a group online-- it is a million times harder to get the quiet girl talk! ;) So if you are following this study along with us, please hop on and share what you are learning and going through. It is good for all of us to hear and you to go over the week again. It will make it all stick better.

2. Commit to this study. I know that structure of it is new, so if you don't like the free flow of it, break it down before you start the week into sections. But push yourself to spend time with Him every day. As we are learning, we don't want to do this out of legalistic duty, but choose to delight in Him each day. So that is your one and only challenge this week. Keep going on. Set time aside for this.

3. Add to the discussion-- as always if you have any additional questions add to what we got going.

If you missed last week, click the link "Duty or Delight: Week 1 Conversation" to join the conversation on "Session One: Knowing God has Chosen Us."