Duty or Delight: Week 4 Conversation

You still with us? 
This is typically the point when doing a Bible study that we quit. That life has gotten in the way. That the homework was too much. That we feel too behind, so we shelf it and plan to get back to it when life isn't so crazy.

I can only encourage you to keep going.
No matter where you are on this study, you aren't behind. You are where you are. So keep trucking through. At your own pace. But figure out ways to make time to do it. I just set a new tune as my alarm ring to help me get up easier (these eye lids have been awfully heavy in the mornings lately). Whatever it takes to help you, do it. But don't quit this. The best stuff is always at the end. And even more than that you deserve to finish. You aren't a quitter. You are worth it.

Don't let the pace of this online group keep you from doing this study. Since we are all web based you are more than welcome to join in the discussions any time. So feel free to hop back on here and read the past discussions when you've finished that week. And to push yourself, go ahead and comment to force yourself to process it more.

With all that said, it's not Monday (sorry I was on vacation) but

it is conversation time for our current Book Club book-- 
Duty or Delight by Tammie Head!  

Be sure to watch "Week 4: God has Supplied Us" video by Tammie. 
Click on the "Samples & Media" tab, then scroll down an select week 3. 

I know many of you have said that you are doing the study at your own pace or at a later time. If you aren't able to be in a small group when you start the book, I encourage you to participate in ours! To check out past conversations, see these blog posts: "Duty or Delight: Week 3 Conversation," "Duty or Delight: Week 2 Conversation," "Duty or Delight: Week 1 Conversation," and "Roll Call."

See you in the comments!