Duty or Delight: Week 5 Conversation

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT-- Not sure if I've already shared this or not, but Tammie Head has agreed to answer our questions! So if you are on Day 1 or tracking right along with us, be sure to submit your questions. You can email them to me or comment with a question. This will happen in a couple more weeks after we finish the study. But I want to be able to get the questions to Tammie ASAP. Not sure if she will write them out and we will post them on the blog OR if I'll to a video interview with her.

Back to our Week 5 Conversation...

Anyone have a hard week going through this? Anytime relationships are involved, inevitably hurt is involved too. People are people and therefore there will always be issues. Always. Sometimes intended, and often times, most of it completely unintended yet still hurtful. This week I found myself tempted to rush through, to run from the steps Tammie wanted us to do. Forgiveness is a hard step. One that, we as Christians, typically rush through real quick but hardly ever really go through. But man does it feel so good when you finally face it. OK truthfully it's like working out-- it's a hurt so good kind of a feeling. If you feel like you didn't give this week your all, I really encourage you to walk through it again. There was some really rich material in there that, more than likely, will be the key to change your relationship with Jesus... and your relationships with others too.

Be sure to watch "Week 5: God has Commanded Us" video by Tammie. 
Click on the "Samples & Media" tab, then scroll down an select week 5. 

I know many of you have said that you are doing the study at your own pace or at a later time. If you aren't able to be in a small group when you start the book, I encourage you to participate in ours! To check out past conversations, see these blog posts: "Duty or Delight: Week 4 Conversation," "Duty or Delight: Week 3 Conversation," "Duty or Delight: Week 2 Conversation," "Duty or Delight: Week 1 Conversation," and "Roll Call."

Before you comment-- this week contained A LOT of really personal issues and, more than likely, a lot of other people. Be aware to respect others. To respect their privacy. We never want the conversations on this blog to be gossip or judging. We want to focus on us and what God is doing in us. So be sure to be very vague if/when you refer to others or situations. I'm sure all that goes without saying, but I felt I should say it. :)