Elect Chris in 2036

I have decided that my husband should officially run for office in 2036 (he'll be 52 then-- just young enough to be bold, and experienced enough to have some wisdom under his belt). I have know few people who really love government (notice I didn't say politics). My husband sees past parties (praise God, because I hate political parties). He really gets policy. He was so motivated this past election season to learn what the issues really meant. It really amazes me how much he really just gets it.

So he wants us to be effective in making change, not just talk about it. Today the house is voting on the stimulus bill (you can read more about it here on Chris' blog or here on a fox news article).

Chris is challenging us all to call our representitives.
I never really thought people actually called their senators. I've only heard it as a joke, "Write your senator if you don't like it." Well my very literal husband does... frequently. :)

If you don't know who your senator is, don't worry or feel stupid. Go here to find out-- it's the United States Senate home page.

So if Chris is the President, would that make me the first lady? I think I could handle designers form around the world sending me the latest in fashion! ;)