Emery, Future Ballet Star

Emery, my niece, just started ballet classes this summer. So of course we took advantage of the lovely outdoors at my mom's (Missouri country) and her sweet ballet ensemble.

Ems is so much fun right now. It is hard to believe that a week from today she will turn two! She is the best big cousin to Karis. She loves to give her huge bear hugs (nearly squeezes the breath out of Karis), lots of pats and kisses. She calls her "kay-kay" in the sweetest, high pitched voice you've ever heard. Emery is a blast. She never stops. Literally wakes up talking and falls asleep talking. She is all over the place. But my favorite thing about her, she is just bursting with joy. I have never known a happier little girl in all my life. She literally cracks herself up constantly... and everyone else too. One of her favorite things to do is sing Justin Biebers song, she belts "Baby, baby, baby oooohhhh!!!" and then repeats... about 100 times. Truly adorable.

P.S. I promise to post more pictures from the trip. Things have been crazy since we got home. But I'll try to have those up soon.