Every season I say, "I'm Done!"

I confess I watch every other season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

I'll watch one and swear it off for good this time.

I usually am angry with the producers more than the show itself (I know most have issues with the immorality of the show). I don't like that snake-y feeling I get from the host and the producers. They seem super shady. I don't like how they assume I'm an idiot and manipulate and over edit EVERY situation possible.

And yes I will concede fully that the show is not a fabulous example of morality either. There I said it. Now all the bachelor haters can take a deep breath. I am not arguing with you.

Then by the next season or the next I am enticed back in. Why?!!!

I know it's stupid, but for some weird reason it is that train wreck that I can't not look at.
On top of that I feel like I have totally been conned because each season I start off saying, "No this bachelor/bachelorette seems different." I really believe that some how dating 20+ people will turn out different. That this person is really in it for love and that true love could really come out of a 3 week fantasy courtship.

Hopeless romantic. Or maybe just hopeless. ;)

Why do I do this?
Why do I waste hours of my week?

Well this time I mean it... I think. I'm really done this time.