Favorite Things: July 22, 2016

Hello friends! Friday is finally here-- hooray!!!!

This week has been a crazy one in our house-- sick husband, editing deadline, sick kid, pool turned green, baby started walking, and I announced coming back to coaching. All that to say, I'm really glad the weekend is here. 

Apologies for only two favorite things this week, but I'm hoping on here during nap time to send this to you all so I had to make it quick.


Mudroom turned Art Room

(with YouTube recommendations for Kids Art)

Our girls are so into all things arts and crafts. Funny because I'm the furthest thing from being a Pinterest-y mom, that website stresses me out. But give my girls, especially Karis, some paper and colored pencils/markers/paint and they are in heaven (and content for hours). Doing art around a table is our peaceful, happy place. However, we have one table in our house so to make that an art table has been tricky... until this week! We have a pretty awesome mudroom and we discovered that the kids table fits in there. So we decided to turn it into a kids art room too! The girls love it (and it makes for really easy clean up too = happy mama)! 

For anyone with kiddos in your lives and you also are without the craft gene, check out these YouTube channels, they are our favorites: Art for Kids Hub, Mr P Studios, Carla Sonheim, and Artrageous with Nate. 

Self Portrait, by Karis Kiser (July 2016). (She clearly got tired of coloring in her face. Ha!)

Self Portrait, by Karis Kiser (July 2016). (She clearly got tired of coloring in her face. Ha!)


CNN + Fox News

Truth? I am so over both of them but I really want to be informed and engaged. Chris and I are trying to watch things and stay in the loop. It's hard though. I feel like I have 100 posts on this topic and I don't know where to start... or if I should. 

I want to check out, and I don't. We shouldn't. We can't. 

Long story short, we are watching both channels because we feel like both give totally different accounts on everything-- debates, conventions, international disasters, etc. We need both perspectives, not just the one that sets the best with us. Anyway, we are trying to watch both to see if we can learn new things. 

As much as I don't want this to be on the Favorite Things post, it is. Now can we have a break for all things heavy and can the Olympics please start! 


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