Feb Photo Challenge: Days 1 - 7

I have SO loved doing this photo challenge. I have found that it has really gotten me to try to take pictures again. Which I really do love and want to be able to look back and remember all the details of our life.

Feb 1: Your View Today

I have been looking for activities to do with Karis. Productive Parenting has been hugely helpful! Every morning I get an email activity idea from them. Tells me what to do and what supplies I need. This activity called for cornmeal to be the filler, but who in the world has cornmeal hanging around? Not this non-baker I assure you! So I poured in some oatmeal, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Karis loved this activity and it kept her busy for at least 30 minutes. I pulled out the cup measures too and she is now obsessed with them. A definite repeat in our house!

Feb 2: Words

In all honesty this picture is actually taken a week or so ago. I forgot to take a picture of this when this same time happened again. Usually I wake up in the morning and spend some time with the Lord. But some days that doesn't happen or some days I just need an extra dose of time with the Lord or just a good book. So I find my way onto our patio for some alone time during Karis' nap.

Feb 3: Hands

This was the first pic of the day. Karis has recently become obsessed with helping me sweep. I absolutely hate vacuuming. Hate it. So, embarrassingly so, I hardly ever cleaned our floors at our old carpeted house. But I love sweeping. Love it. And do it anywhere from 1 to 3 times a day. Well apparently Karis has taken note that this is an activity to be enjoyed.

I know it's just supposed to be one pic a day, but when I saw this sweet moment later that day, I had to snap it. Every two weeks when Chris pulls money for our cash envelope he also sits down with Karis and let's her put all our left over change from the previous two weeks into her piggy bank. Don't you know he has been teaching her to save since infancy.

Feb 4: A stranger

Here's your Public Service Announcement: Don't, seriously don't, go to the grocery store the day before the Super Bowl. If I wasn't listening to one of the best sermons I've heard from Mark Driscoll on Marriage: Friends with Benefits (watch or listen here), I would've lost my mind.

Feb 5: 10am

So at 10am I as at church without my phone. So I decided to give you a peak at 10pm instead.  Since I was a little girl I have loved reading myself to sleep. And I just so happened to start this book this week because let's be honest, I really need some help on how to lovingly lead my toddler.

Feb 6: Dinner

We got rid of the the highchair and got a booster seat! Here's her first dinner in a booster seat, with a place-mat and a plate. She has been using a fork regularly since Christmas (thank you to a Mother-in-Law would showed me she was ready) and absolutely loves it. Meals take twice as long, but they are so fun to watch her become such a big girl!

Feb 7: A Button

So this is a figurative button. The toddler button. And it has been pressed again and again and again and again and again lately. Remember when I told you here about a really horrible toddler day a couple of weeks ago? Well 3 K9 teeth later and the fussy toddler has continued her streak. Someone please help us both!

Are you doing the challenge too? If so, paste a link to your posts! Or feel free to join in, even if it is the middle of the month! Who cares!