Feb Photo Challenge: Days 15 - 21

I have SO loved the FamMumSlim Feb Photo Challenge. It has been so good for me to take pictures of things that are a part of our every day life, but I'd never think to capture each day. Already these are pics that I know I'll treasure because they are more than just poses of the perfect smile. They are us. Big and small moments, our little details. And guess what? She just posted the March Photo Challenge here. So be sure to join in for that too.

Day 15: Phone

Chris and I always gets so frustrated when we have to use the other's phone. What's so great is with the iPhone you can organize your home screen to have whatever you want on it. What's your favorite app (just in case I need one more thing in my "Waste of Time" folder)?

Day 16: Something New

She used to just have the one rat tail curl. But it is finally starting to thicken out a little. Still pretty much no hair, but it is slowly starting to grow!!!

Day 17: Time

As you can see from the picture, we love bed time and Karis doesn't love it so much. This isn't actually a regular occurrence (her crying at bedtime) so it was totally worth capturing. She doesn't like it when we are both home and having lots of family time and we say it's time for "night-night." Don't you love how she stalled and put every stuffed animal she has in Chris' lap. 

Day 18: Drink

So you can see my giant iced tea because I am a tea-aholic. Seriously, I have a problem. But I also discovered a new addiction: Bingo. Oh my word y'all, it was so fun!

And look who was just 1 number away from Bingo!!!

Day 19: Something You Hate To Do

If you've followed this blog for even a few days you know that I have no problem being open and being real. That's just how we roll. I love sharing our lives and our lessons here on this blog with you. But this past month once the relationship series kicked off I just knew I needed to get someone to share about being a virgin and their experience with that. As I kept racking my brain, the answer was clear again and again: me. Ugh, but I so didn't want to be the person that was THAT real. So you can say, I both loved and hated to write these two posts: "To the Virgins" Part 1 and Part 2.

Day 20: Handwriting

I am a chronic journaler (not a word by the way). I was so that girl that had a diary with the lock on it in elementary school. And I really wrote in it. I can still remember the first fight I had with my mom after reading my diary.  Now, just weeks away from my 30th birthday, I have tubs and tubs of old journals. Not sure if they will be burned when I die or if I'll leave them as an inheritance.

You too can write like me (which I know you are all dying to do since I have the sloppiest handwriting ever)! One of my favorite free handwriting font websites actually turned my handwriting into a font! Click here to see (and, if you'd like, download): Becky's Babblings.

Day 21: A Fave Photo of You

This picture has always been my favorite. Obviously it was taken on our wedding day.

But this is my other favorite picture. This picture melts my heart because Karis and I do this a 100 times a day. I just adore her. I love putting our foreheads against each other and staring into those electric blue eyes and giving those squishy cheeks a big kiss. This is us. This is our life.

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